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Paralysis Treatment

طبیبیی روغن فالج

نسخہ نمبر17


لونگ. کٹھ لکڑ. جائفل. بہیر بوٹی. زنجبیل. ہرایک 3 گرام

سفوف ازراقی. میٹھا تیلیہ 10 گرام. حراطین 50 گرام

آنبھہ ہلدی 50 گرام. بالچھڑ10 گرام. فرفیون 10 گرام


30 ml 650/-Rs

60 ml 1250/-Rs

250 ml 4800/-Rs

Paralysis Oil Remedy

Clove, Kath Lakar, Nutmeg, Baheer Booti, Zanjbeel, 3 grams each
Safoof-e-Azaraqi, Meetha Talia 10 grams, Harateen of 50 grams
Ambah turmeric 50 grams. Balchar 10 grams. Farfeoun 10 grams

Crush all the medicines and keep them in 1/2 kg of water r whole night.
At morning add 250 grams of roghan-e-kunjad, 50 gram of roghan-e-babona,
and roghane-e-alsi cook over low heat until the water evaporates.
When oil gets ready add10 grams of Sindhur and save it.
It is useful for all type of paralysis and stroke.

30 ml 650 /-Rs
60 ml 1250 /-Rs
250 ml 4800 /-Rs

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